Afghanistan Deaf Directory

AZIMI Parween / parween_azimi(at)
BASIR Ahmad / basir_deafstanikzai(at)
BAZGAR Jamdar / bazgar_deaf(at)
HAYATUDDIN Sahabuddin / hayatdeaf(at)
KADAWL Kanir / kadawldeaf2002(at)
KADWAL Sultan / kadwal_prience(at)
KARIMULLAH Khan / kkhan_deaf(at)
KHALID Aziz / khalid_deaf(at)
LEE Soo Choo / echo412001(at)
MOHIUDDIN Basir / mohiuddin_deafsharifi(at)
SAHABUDDIN Hayat / hayat_deaf(at)
YOUSAFZY Massoud / massoud_yousafzy(at)

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